Artist: Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

Fueled by the mountains and captivated by the sky, Matt Kennedy is a photographer and video jack-of-all-trades who thrives in the cool-crisp air of winter. Over the past nine years, Matt has helped keep a close eye on a global network of glacier monitoring time-lapse cameras for the Extreme Ice Survey (a project of renowned photographer James Balog and feature of the critically-acclaimed & Oscar-nominated documentary Chasing Ice). From Greenland to the Antarctic Peninsula, he has installed and maintained remote time-lapse cameras all the while documenting these experiences with photos, video, and words.

Kennedy is a lifelong skier, climber, and mountain biker. Barreled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and aged by the hills of Colorado, Matt currently calls a breezy little mountain town called Nederland home. When there, he explores his backyard with his partner-in-love, Ali Vagnini, and their full-throttle pup, Hank.

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