Northern Hemisphere’s Warmest Summer on Record

Northern Hemisphere’s Warmest Summer on Record

Not to emphasize the blatantly obvious (as the Western U.S. is currently being seared by over 90 wildfires), but NOAA’s latest monthly climate report confirms the Northern Hemisphere had its warmest meteorological summer on record.

NOAA’s recent announcement can be found here and the full climate report here. It’s chock-a-block full of record-breaking 2020 statistics, including: the Northern Hemisphere’s warmest August; Mother Earth’s second hottest August on record; 2020 YTD is ranked as the second hottest on record (just behind 2016); Europe, Asia and the Caribbean had their hottest January–August period on record; and Arctic sea ice was reported to be the third smallest on record (however, one shockingly positive note was that Antarctic sea ice extent was near normal).

To quote NOAA’s report, “2020 has been a real broiler of a year, so far.” National Center for Environmental Information scientists expect that once we wave goodbye to 2020, it will be one of the five warmest on record.

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