Avalanche Transceiver Test Results

We wanted to highlight an informative test of avalanche transceivers conducted in March 2022 by the Safety Research Group of the German Alpine Club (DAV). The German Alpine Club is one of the world’s largest climbing associations and regularly conducts tests of transceivers.

DAV Safety Research provides a complete version of the transceiver test, a summary article, and overview table found here. They also are extremely transparent and provide detailed descriptions of their procedures and test criteria.

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While this research is appreciated, we do feel there’s room for improvement. We feel there needs to be more focus on ease-of-use, even possibly having a category for this in their test criteria. Also, with all the electronic gear people are touring with, we feel it’s important to have more focus on a transceiver’s ability to handle interference—and there are ones that do handle interference better than others.

It can be difficult to decide which avalanche transceiver to purchase. This report does help you understand how the individual models differ and what advantages and disadvantages each device offers. While this research can be helpful, there’s nothing better than getting hands-on experience with a few devices to determine which one works best for you. For additional information on transceivers, we also recommend Beacon Reviews.

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