2024 Gear Preview: Scarpa F1 XT Boot

2024 Gear Preview: Scarpa F1 XT Boot

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little stiffness for serious lightness, check out Scarpa’s new F1 XT. Made for folks who are into counting grams but still want to be able to hold an edge on windblown hardpack, the F1 XT has a 100 mm last with a 95 flex that weighs in at 1,145 g (size 27). It’s 155 g heavier than the F1 LT, but it should have better skiability and a more progressive flex.

Scarpa’s secret sauce here is incorporating a Grilamid fiberglass shell vs carbon, notorious for giving you a hard-stop feeling when you lean into your shins. The other main difference from the lighter LT version is that the XT has actual buckles, the lower of which pulls the whole foot tight in a cool “Wave Light” closure system. A waterproof gaiter, which is becoming ubiquitous in this category, shaves weight and makes it easy to slip your foot in. The smallest size it comes in is a 24, so the tiny-hoofed animals will have to look elsewhere. We’re excited to try this out this coming season, so stay tuned for updates.

$899 from Scarpa

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