Anon WM3 Goggles

Anon WM3 Goggles

So…skiing during the pandemic is going to be weird. Resort policies are going to make the backcountry more crowded, and the mask-ordinance will be more important than ever. But we did come across a revolutionary goggle that will at least make the latter less annoying. (The only thing that will help with the former is called whiskey, and it comes in a flask.) The new Anon WM3 uses magnets to integrate a facemask that stays put without choking you out or fogging you up.


The facemask quickly (and satisfyingly) snaps into place just under the nose, and gives your airholes room to do what they were made to do: breathe. Because it’s magnetic, there’s no need to take your gloves or goggles—the latter of which is important because the less futzing you do with your goggles, the less likely you are to get moisture inside.

The lenses are sweet too—it comes with both low-light and bright-light options (as it should for the price) that, thanks to those same magnets, offer the quickest change we’ve ever tried. Anon uses its own lens technology that’s water and smudge resistant and has high-definition optics to help you see terrain better. The colors are crisp, the field of vision wide, and the style is super cute.


The WM3 is a women’s goggle (hence the W); the men’s version is called the M4, and, bewilderingly, it’s more expensive.


Speaking of price, that’s our only issue: WM3 costs $230—which is more than this writer paid for her pants. But then again, a season of actually being able to breathe, see, and stay safe might be worth it.

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