2024 Gear Preview: Baist Touring 2.0 Gloves

2024 Gear Preview: Baist Touring 2.0 Gloves

We’re always interested in new brands, so when we heard about a Vermont-based glove company Baist, we wanted to check it out. It was founded by Ace Jonas, passionate skier, telemarker, and snowboarder who suffers from Raynaud’s syndrome, which causes low blood flow to the fingers that results in cold hands. He wanted to make a glove that would allow him to stay out all day in the frigid temps of New England, and Baist was born. To keep things affordable, ever true to his frugal Vermont ethos, he skimped on marketing, website design, and middlemen, and poured it all into making the best gloves possible. The result is gloves that are so quality and so affordable, they sold out of their first run in two days and sold out of their second in pre-sale.

For backcountry skiers, he created the Touring 2.0: a bomber glove that’s also super dexterous. It boasts waterproof goat skin leather on the palms, double reinforcements on the high-wear zones, leather ribbing on the knuckles to protect you from punching branches and rocks, and a neoprene back for supreme breathability and mobility. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes.


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