Powder Cloud Likes: Dissent Labs Ski Socks

Powder Cloud Likes: Dissent Labs Ski Socks

Last Christmas my wife bought me a pair of ski socks, the proverbial worst Christmas gift ever.  Was this a precursor to divorce? Each year, it takes me about five minutes to select and purchase a stack of ski socks that will get me through the season. I view most socks on the market as interchangeable and make my selections based on thickness and material, pray they fit well, and buy a lot of Compeed. Another pair of socks did not get me excited. Fortunately, my wife is a curious and thoughtful person. She spent hours researching online and talking to friends before purchasing the Dissent Labs GFX Compression Hybrid Protect. A few days after Christmas, I wore them ski touring, came home that evening and immediately ordered three additional pairs online. The exceptional craftsmanship was noticeable as soon as I put them on, and they maintained fit and performance throughout the season. Feet are peculiar, and anything that encompasses them, including socks, are difficult to recommend. However, this is the one sock I highly endorse, and hope you get a chance to wear this season.

Here’s what impressed me about the GFX Compression socks:

  • They stay locked on while touring
  • The fit and quality last the entire season
  • Significantly reduced blisters and hot spots, even on warm days
  • They are warm. I can endure an estimated 8-10 °F colder than with previous socks I’ve worn
  • Well-designed graduated compression fits perfectly around the instep, ankle, and toes, providing a comfortable fit and increased circulation. The socks maintained the same level of compression throughout the season.
  • Above average moisture-wicking capabilities
  • I might get an entire second season out of them. Stay tuned.
  • Wife-certified—the Dissent sock-pile in our closet does not smell.

Wool versions: According to Josh at Dissent Labs, they collaborated with Hoji on the design and testing of their Merino line. Check out, Dissent Labs, Hoji-Relentless.

Two cautions: They are expensive. Are happy feet worth the price? I think so. Also, if you have large calves, you might struggle with Dissents, or any compression sock for that matter.

Backcountry skiing has provided Paul Rogers with incredible happiness, lasting friendships, and the opportunity to traverse the snowscape across Europe and North America. He founded Powder Cloud to help others safely find the same.

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