Powder Cloud Likes: Norrona Lyngen Equaliser Stretch Tights

Powder Cloud Likes: Norrona Lyngen Equaliser Stretch Tights

“Oh ma ga, those pants are so cute. Who makes them?”

This is a constant refrain I’ve been getting from women on the trail this season. Ladies, hear me now and thank me later, I have found your perfect touring pant: Norrona’s Lyngen Equaliser Stretch Tight. As comfy as yoga pants, as windproof as a hardshell, and as flattering as your favorite jeans, they’re my favorite touring pant ever. (Read: They do the job and make your butt look cute.)

Made with a mixture of brushed recycled nylon and elastane, they wick moisture, dry quickly, and move with your body better than anything I’ve ever worn. They also have a fleecy lining, so they’re meant to be worn sans long undies (I wear a pair of merino wool boy-short undies underneath). This concept does take some getting used to, and I admit I packed some insulated knickers just in case the first time I wore them in temps akin to Planet Hoth’s. But my lower (I dare say better) half stayed quite toasty the whole time, even on the descent after breaking a good sweat.

The Lyngen’s boot-cut cuffs are reinforced with two layers of 200D waterproof fabric, so they stay dry even in springtime slop and are durable enough to handle the friction from boot buckles and ski edges. The cuffs also have a zipper that gives your boots more room when they’re in touring mode, and an integrated snow gaiter underneath that keeps out the fluff. Two stretchy thigh pockets comfortably hold your phone, keeping it away from your beacon and in easy reach for photos, which you definitely want to take while wearing these hot little pants.

Though they’re specifically designed for ski-touring, I love them so much that I wear them on hikes, walks around town, and sometimes just to go shovel my walk or go to the grocery store when the snow is blowing sideways. They’re also lightweight enough to stick in my pack for when weather rolls in on alpine summertime outings. The only conditions these pants might not be suited for is heavy rain or wet springtime snowstorms, as they’re not all that waterproof. But for everything else, it’s game on.

In short, these pants are as strong and sexy as you are. Pair them with Norrona’s Thermal Pro Hood softshell for optimal cuteness.

Kimberly Beekman is the former editor-in-chief of the late Skiing Magazine (RIP). She now uses freelance writing as a beard to ski powder anywhere it falls. She lives in Denver with her wonderful daughter and terrible cat.

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