Finding Gulo: A Film About Ski Touring & Wolverines

Finding Gulo: A Film About Ski Touring & Wolverines

If you’re fascinated by nature’s ultimate ski mountaineer, the Wolverine, you’ll enjoy Finding Gulo, an official selection of the Banff Film Festival.

This short film follows Steph Williams and Dave Moskowitz on their quest to shine a light on what’s really happening to the wolverine population and why it needs protection. Williams, a field biologist, mountain guide and co-founder of the Cascades Wolverine Project, teamed up with wildlife photographer Moskowitz to gather data and footage to produce some creative storytelling about a population of wolverines in the North Cascades, Washington. These two rip down a lot of inspiring backcountry ski lines in the process, too.

For more information on Finding Gulo and where to watch click here.

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