Multiple Avalanche Rescues in Verbier, Switzerland

Multiple Avalanche Rescues in Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier resident and professional snowboarder Victor Liebenguth and his friends performed multiple rescues while snowboarding near Col du Creblet on January 30, 2020.

Liebenguth and his group were first on the scene after an avalanche hit and buried two women in an off-piste area at Verbier. The group quickly located and rescued both women, who were buried 70 meters apart. Then a second avalanche hit and buried a third victim, whom they also rescued. Liebenguth, posting on social media, used the opportunity to urge people to obtain the proper education and carry the correct gear when riding off-piste.

More details of the rescue and video footage from Liebenguth’s helmet camera can be found here at the Daily Mail and here at Global News.

Pro snowboarder Victor Liebenguth and his friends rescued three avalanche victims in Verbier, Switzerland.

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