Test Your Skills: Take This Survey

Test Your Skills: Take This Survey

How would you like to have some fun, use your brain, and help everyone in the winter backcountry community? This survey from The Avalanche Research Program will test your knowledge and help improve public avalanche forecasts. We’d love your help, and we might even give you a prize (details below).

Who’s behind the survey: There’s an impressive group of people at The Avalanche Research Program at Simon Fraser University. They’re working to understand how backcountry recreationalists use public avalanche safety information. With this knowledge, they will then work with North American forecast centers to help improve how they communicate in order to help everyone make better, more informed decisions.

Who’s involved: The Research Program is working with Avalanche Canada, the National Avalanche Center, and some forecast centers in the United States. They are funded by the Avalanche Canada Foundation.  

Who should take the survey: Any winter backcountry recreationalists—skiers, riders, snowshoers, ice climbers, snowmobilers, mountaineers. All levels of experience welcome, from beginners to experts.

It should take about 25 minutes to complete the survey. So grab a preferred beverage (beer, coffee, tequila) and sneak off to your office—you’ll need to focus and use your noggin. Don’t worry, the survey is anonymous.

Powder Cloud Prize Drawing: Anyone who clicks The Powder Cloud on the first page under “How You Heard About This Survey” will be entered into our prize drawing. We’re giving away 20 Powder Cloud beanies (or tuques for you Canadians). In addition, you’ll be entered in a cash prize drawing if you complete it by May 15, 2020.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.




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