Get Funded for Your Next Adventure

Get Funded for Your Next Adventure

Let’s face it, the events of 2020 read like a dystopian apocalypse narrative, with more bad news than we could possibly make up (and we’re creative). Which is why we’re stoked to share something positive: The American Alpine Club and TinCup Whiskey have teamed up to send you and your ski partner on the adventure of your dreams. Whether it’s taking your first avalanche course or learning rope skills for ski mountaineering, the Partner in Adventure Grant will give you up to $1,000 to get after it.


The grant aims to empower adventurers to pursue their dreams safely—while simultaneously helping the guiding communities who have been hit hard by the pandemic. Grants will fund educational courses through certified guides and instructors in the U.S. for you and your partner. Applicants must be 21 and older, the objective must be completed within one year of application date, and the deadline to apply is October 29.


Good luck—and hang in there. Winter—and 2021—are just around the corner. (We’re already celebrating with a nice glass of TinCup rye.)


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