Revy Launches Program to Support Avalanche Canada

Revy Launches Program to Support Avalanche Canada

Anticipating a large number of people storming the backcountry this season, Tourism Revelstoke decided to recognize and support the organization that helps keep people safe while they’re out there—Avalanche Canada. (Something we wish would happen more often everywhere—even when there’s not a global pandemic.)

Through the program, called You’re Getting Out There and We’re Giving Back, Tourism Revelstoke will donate $10 to Avalanche Canada for every person who stays two nights in a participating Revelstoke hotel.

If you’re north of the border, an American with a stealth jet, or have access to a Star Trek transporter, make your way to Revy and let Tourism Revelstoke give back on your behalf. Or, with non-profit funding taking a hit during the pandemic, there’s no better time to make your own contribution directly to Avalanche Canada Foundation.

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