SheJumps and NWAC Launch Women’s Programs

SheJumps and NWAC Launch Women’s Programs

One of the things I love about backcountry skiing is the community: There are so many people working hard to enable and educate others to participate in this wonderful sport.


To that end, SheJumps has teamed up with Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC), K2 Skis, BCA, Montucky Cold Snacks, and Fremont Brewing to offer Snowpack Scholarships to women interested in taking AIARE Level 1 avalanche courses. The scholarships are offered to 34 women in Washington, Oregon, California, and New Hampshire.


And, new last year, NWAC and SheJumps partnered to provide a mentorship program aimed at aspiring female-identifying avalanche professionals. Mentees work with professionals in the avalanche industry to assist in a SheJumps AIARE Level 1 course, shadow professionals, and receive structured feedback and guidance.

While there are an increasing number of women entering the backcountry (40% in one survey conducted by NWAC), women make up only 10% of those paid to work in avalanche avoidance or mitigation. One of the key factors that is inhibiting women’s professional growth in this industry is a lack of mentorship. This program is aimed to help address this problem. 


To learn more, donate, and get involved with the scholarship or mentorship program, visit Snowpack Scholarships.

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