Rogers Pass: New Winter Permit System in Effect


Rogers Pass: New Winter Permit System in Effect

For those planning to ski tour on Rogers Pass, B.C., this season, there are some changes to the Winter Permit System areas you need to be aware of. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to understand and obtain the necessary permits and passes, in addition to familiarizing yourself with the terrain and avalanche conditions. We highly recommend hiring an ACMG guide; see our recommendations below.

Rogers Pass, between Revelstoke and Donald along the Trans-Canada Highway, is an internationally renowned ski touring area with an impressive array of terrain options including high glaciated terrain, ski mountaineering objectives, tree skiing and high mountain passes.

Before you ski Rogers Pass

  • Visit Parks Canada, Ski Touring in Rogers Pass.
  • Check out the Rogers Pass Interactive App.
  • A national parks pass is required for every member of your group.
  • You’ll need a winter permit to travel in winter restricted areas that are opened or closed on a daily basis. If that sounds like a pain, you should know the permit system separates skiers from artillery fire and the resulting avalanches. (Motivated now?)
  • This year, changes to the Winter Permit System have been introduced that combine Winter Restricted Areas to more accurately reflect avalanche control operations and strive to make the system easier to comprehend.
  • Understand where you can park, where you can’t park, and the few access points where you can cross the railroad.
  • We highly recommend hiring a certified ACMG guide, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the Rogers Pass area. Powder Cloud recommends Mike Broomberg at Revelstoke Backcountry Guides.
  • For quality maps and guidebook, check out Doug Sproule’s Geobackcountry site.

Stay tuned for updates as this situation develops.

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